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Planning To Try Kayak Fly Fishing

First Fly 2019

Having done both traditional kayak fishing and traditional fly fishing, combining the two is going to be one of my best adventures ever…thanks to my dad.

If you have ever fly fished, you know the depths of enjoyment it brings. There are few activities that so overwhelm you with joy like fly fishing does that cause you completely forget any misfortunes experienced. The cold water, the twisted ankle, the slips and jerks, the hooks, oh! the hooks and the tangled lines.

Gearing up for the coming spring, I have decided to blend fly fishing with my kayak fishing. As I go to dig out my old fly fishing equipment, I pause for a moment to reflect on my box/station that my dad built for me years ago. He’s no longer with us but just looking at this box brought added joy to my day. He was not a big fisherman, he was a railroad guy and a cabinet maker and a motorcycle rider. He did however, take me and my brother fishing when we were young, usually from a pier and always with live worms.

Popping the station open, I see a jumbled mess. Time to take inventory: feathers, fur, buck-tail, hackle, yarn, eyes, legs, hooks, etc. Everything is mostly there and in good condition. I do see that I am out of #2 and #1 hooks and my supply of #4 thru #14 are very low. (Size 24 to size 4, left to right.)

But I do have lots of the necessary tools (bobbins, vise)and they are in good shape. My spools of string and and plastics materials are okay too.

Fur, hackle, dubbing – as said, check! All there and some delightful colors too!

The materials are in good order so next session will be the rods and reels. However, I find myself pausing as I rummage through the finely crafted fly tying station and it brings back some fond memories of my dad. Sitting here writing this, I realize that all those years ago we were able to combine two of the things we loved – fly fishing for me and woodworking for dad – to anchor an unforgettable memory of our time together. I can remember so much joy in him that day and although he is no longer with us his attention to me, in support of an activity he didn’t care too much for, was bigger than any “I Love You” he ever voiced. Thanks dad!

-DM Dave

Dedicated to my dad
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