Kayak, Kayak Fishing

A Yin Yang Weekend

Duality exists in pretty much everything: cause and effect; action and reaction; fishing and kayaking…

I was recently smacked in the face with a profound quote about kayak fishing – “What I love about kayak fishing is, it was either a kayaking trip or a fishing trip. – AmnSnuffy2011”

How is this not a mantra or on a t-shirt hanging front-and-center at a local kayak or fishing shop? We all say we are going kayak fishing with the greatest of intentions but sometimes, truthfully, we just go kayaking.

Regardless, my friend and I had a great kayaking/kayak fishing day on Sunday. I went kayaking, he went kayak fishing.

Why Sunday you ask? That would be due to the severe weather that moved through the North Alabama area throughout Saturday and Saturday evening. That is why the weekend was yin yang – Saturday storms, Sunday sunny; fishing and kayaking.

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