3D Printing, Dungeons and Dragons 5e

3D Printing D&D Minis

3D printing has been around as a serious hobby for a couple of years now. I jumped on the bandwagon about 3 years ago and bought a Maker Select III Plus.

Maker Select Plus

I purchased mine from Amazon. It arrived very timely and the packaging was solidly intact. Unpacking was easy since everything was encased in molded styrofoam, which immediately set my mind at ease against any shipping and handling damage. Some assembly was required but it didn’t take long before I was printing my first benchy – a butterfly.

Maker Select Plus 3D Printer with stability modifiers

Something clicked and I guess I went a little crazy. I built an enclosure out of end tables and Plexiglas. We have high humidity here in the South so an enclosure seemed like a good idea. It was easy to power and mount some old PC fans underneath the printer and on the back piece of Plexiglas to circulate air. Then I found Thingiverse – an amazing site! The next project was stability supports which was later found to not be needed but they looked pretty cool so they stayed.


I also modified the print bed by adding a mirror held down with binder clips. I use stick glue to smear all over it to hold the prints in place and I am very happy with the outcome even though it looks ugly. I’ve not had to level my bed since adding this feature. Note: if you add this, remember to adjust the height of the sensors on the inside upright.

After that, I added an all-metal hotend and a Raspberry Pi. The all-metal hot end resulted in prints that come out so much more improved I almost couldn’t believe it and the Raspberry Pi with OctoPi/OctoPrint on it gives me full remote access from any internet ready PC or mobile device.

I started printing so many mini’s and terrain, it was nuts! Day and night I was printing and going through filament too! I found some favorites that print almost flawlessly.

The learning curve wasn’t terrible for this 50 year old, well 47 at that time, but still, working in the blue collar sector for 25+ years leaves one detached from technology so this was every bit a mental leap forward for me. I discovered with 3D printing you can do just about anything and you can do it very cheaply.

Autodesk Fusion 360 is just awesome! You should check it out. Fully functional 3D modeling at your fingertips. There are others too: Ultimaker Cura, ideaMaker, Slic3r, OctoPrint…..

Check out my gallery below to see what all 3D printing has been able to do for me and our Dungeons & Dragons campaign. A special thanks to Miguel Zavala who has provided just about all of the models we enjoy so much in our campaigns.

I know that I have not reached Halfway Home on this 3D printing adventure, I just can’t imagine how far it will take me; therefore, I keep pushing the adventure ahead. You may not think 3D printing can expand your world but let me tell you, there is nothing more exciting and energizing than learning new technology.

Hoping you have a great time and God bless.

-DM Dave

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